Why Professional Photos Are Important In A HOT Seller's Market

The real estate market is on fire for sellers and has been for the past couple of years, so why do you need professional listing photos? Why not just "snap" a few with your cell phone? If it doesn't matter...the home will sell in a matter of days and, in some cases, a matter of hours. Your listing photos will be seen online, in some cases for years after the home sells, and will be attached to your name. Your listing photos are a part of your brand and what other potential sellers will see when they search for you online. Your sellers have spent days and sometimes weeks getting their homes just right for the market, only to have their homes show up online with dark cell phone photos. I know you are probably thinking, but you are a real estate photographer. Of course, you will push professional real estate photos. But, before I was a real estate photographer, I was a REALTOR for over 20 years. I know how hard we work to develop and promote our brands. I also understand what sellers go through when selling their homes. You owe it to them and your brand to make sure each of your listings hits the market with professional real estate photos. Look at the top real estate professionals in your market. Do they put their listings on the market with cell phone photos? Probably not. Find a professional real estate photographer that you like working with and provide the type of photos you want to represent your brand and make them part of your marketing team.