Drone Services

We offer drone photos and drone mini flyover videos as either an add-on to your photo package or as a stand-alone service that you can order.  The flyover videos include image files at no additional charge. We have two drone pilots and follow FAA guidelines and flight restrictions.  A lot of the Roanoke Valley falls within Class C Airspace due to the location of the airport. If the area we are photographing for you is located in a Class C Airspace, we will need to apply to the FAA for a waiver in order to fly.  It may take a few days to optain this waiver.  The map to the left is the Airspace Map for Roanoke.  The areas within the blue circle will require a FAA waiver before we can fly.
Wanda Richards is an FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot.

Sample Flyover Video > https://player.vimeo.com/video/554279471